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Simone and I set out to design a hotel that combines the traditional architecture of Zanzibar,  with an attention to detail that the discerning modern traveller expects. Spacious rooms furnished to the highest standards, finished with elegant simplicity and timeless decor.


Our passion for international travel inspired us to make our home here in beautiful Jambiani and we can’t wait to help make your stay in Zanzibar as unforgettable as ours has been.

Step through the gate, into a tranquil walled garden. Where sounds of the outside world wash away with a slow, steady trickle of the pool.  And a cool breeze whispers through carefully chosen trees and plants.

This is a place to relax, to unwind, to tune out.


Allow a chilled welcome drink to reboot your senses at the bar, as fresh seafood sizzles satisfyingly in the kitchen.  Where local spices and hand-picked ingredients are expertly combined,

to create mouthwateringly unique fusion flavours, tastes and textures.


Aurora is a place that feeds the soul. Where like minds from around the world mingle happily.

Together, alone. Each stay as individual as our guests.

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