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Our love affair with Zanzibar began in 2017 when we came to this beautiful Island for a ten day holiday, fast track to 24 hrs before we were due to fly out and bang we bought the land which now Aurora Boutique Hotel stands on. With its endless white beaches, turquoise water and laid back lifestyle, what was there not for us to love about this magical island?!


The people and the places will capture your heart, just as they did ours. Inspired by our travels throughout the world and the amazing people that have supported us through this journey we have created a uniquely beautiful, stylish hotel with a “Zen” like aura, offering you the ideal place to get away from it all.


For Simone and I, Aurora is everything we have ever worked for. We met in the catering business in London some twenty three years ago and from that very day our love of excellent food, service and hospitality has brought us to this destiny.


We look forward to welcoming you to our restaurant “Aurora By Night” a labour of love for Simone with his 30 years experience in some of London’s top restaurants. He uses his knowledge and experience to create an explosion of fusion cuisine. For him it begins with great fresh seasonal ingredients, maintaining their integrity and knowing when to be bold or delicate with seasonings. His passion for cooking started at the tender age of ten when he cooked for his family in Italy and has continued to this day.


And for me, well “Aurora” is everything that Simone and I are about; respect, peace, love, happiness, well being and most of all everyday gratefulness that we have been given this opportunity to share our lives, experience and talents with you all.


Hospitality is in my blood and your enjoyable stay at our hotel is my top priority. We will forever be grateful to those that believed and supported us throughout this journey and who also continue to support us to this day. Without you all none of this would have ever been possible. We cannot thank you enough. We will be eternally grateful to you all. To our family and friends we would also like to thank you for tirelessly listening to us and supporting us emotionally when times were tough.

We thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.

"Zanzibar; a place where dreams are made and troubles are forgotten. A moment in time to treasure forever.” 



 To you all that read this, “Aurora” welcomes you with open arms to Jambaini, may your stay in paradise be everything you had hoped for. 


Marisa & Simone​


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